Laura Russell from Style Consultancy Satisfashion shares her tips on how to look as well-dressed as your baby is!

After styling clients for over 12 years, I have dealt a lot with the issue of overcoming the Mum Frump. Many women find that after having a baby they lose their sense of individual style. Much of this is obviously to do with the massive change that has happened in your life (you now own a baby!) The low-cut tops, or short skirts that once were a wardrobe staple, just don’t work in your lifestyle anymore.  You find yourself clueless, thinking, ‘Well – what can I wear now?’

I promise you, you do have a clue, you are just in one of those style transition periods, and that’s ok because your style evolves throughout your life. The majority of us will have spent 12 months or more in anything loose or stretchy enough to cover the bump, then after baby was born our bodies seemed alien to us, so we threw on anything, because looking stylish or fashionable wasn’t the priority. But when you get to the point of thinking you’re in a Mum Frump, and it is starting to affect your confidence, it’s the perfect time to start addressing it.  It means you have noticed it, so you are en route to becoming the stylish mum you always dreamed of being and making yourself a priority again.

My Satisfashion steps to avoid the Mum Frump will help you to start thinking about your current style.  It will also hopefully inspire you to create your wardrobe to be a haven for all things quick and easy to wear, whilst maintaining ultimate style always. Being a Mum doesn’t have to be frumpy!

Here are a few of my top tips:

  1. Out of sight out of mind – Why oh why do we torture ourselves, and keep the clothing we don’t fit into anymore in a prime location in our wardrobes? It will only make us feel crap each time we look at it. My top tip would be to remove this from daily sight. When you get to your goal again it’s likely you are probably going to want new clothes anyway!  So, bag-up those ill-fitting items, and chuck them under your bed.  Only have what fits you and makes you feel good in your wardrobe.
  • Embrace your current shape – After growing a human, our shape or certain parts of our bodies just aren’t the same anymore. Don’t feel you have to be a certain size to dress nicely.  If you can, invest a little bit of money on pieces that work for you NOW. Unlike we’re led to believe (by celebs with on-hand personal trainers), the body doesn’t ‘snap back’ in 5 minutes!  So, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just try to find great pieces and styles that work for you now and embrace it! Dressing to suit your body shape is about highlighting the parts you feel positive about and distracting away from the ones you don’t.
  • Don’t over-complicate it – Quick and easy dressing is the way forward. You don’t need to spend all your money on clothes, just a couple of nice tops that can be worn with jeans, and a versatile dress that can be worn during the day or dressed up – for the rare occasion of going out – is a start to feeling good in what you are wearing. This will have a massive effect on your confidence, and your approach to every day. Items that you can wear in more than one way is what you need in your wardrobe, so start to think like that when you’re shopping.


Laura Russell is the proud owner of a 2.5-year-old daughter Lilah, and also owns and runs Laura is typically found in the shops, or over on Instagram Stories @satisfashionstyle. Laura has a shopping sixth-sense and can see outfits on people.