We’ve all been there – the minute you aren’t sure about something to do with your baby, (such as ‘is poo ever meant to be that colour?’) chances are you’ll look online and probably come across a mum forum. 

And as if motherhood doesn’t bring enough new challenges, these forums have a language that’s all their own!

So, here’s a simple A-Z to guide you through the PG, FTM, NIP and quite frankly the WTF!

AC Assisted conception
AI Artificial insemination
BC Birth control
BF Breastfeeding / Breastfed
CC Controlled crying
CM Cervical mucus
DD Dear daughter
DN  Disposable nappy
EBF   Exclusively breastfeeding
EDD Estimated date of delivery (due date)
FF Formula feeding / Formula Fed
FTM First time mum
GD Gestational diabetes
GF Gluten-free
HPT  Home pregnancy test
IVF In vitro fertilization
LO  Little one
MIL  Mother-in-law
MS  Morning sickness
NFP Natural family planning  
NIP  Nursing in public
O Ovulation
OWT Old wives’ tale
PG Pregnant
POAS Pee on a stick
SAHM Stay at home mom
SO Significant Other
TTC Trying to conceive
US Ultrasound
VBAC Vaginal birth after caesarean
WM Working mum

Or you know, people could just use the actual words instead!

K. Cocker

Kate Cocker is the CEO of two humans, mother of business “The Presenter Coach”, and is constantly trying to work out what on earth is going on in this ridiculous thing called life. You can find her spreading joy on her podcast “Everyday Positivity”.